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I’m no longer going to be using wordpress for blogging, I’ve noticed that it’s so hard to make all the cute backgrounds for wordpress everything works easier for blogspot, so i’m now going to be at http://www.vinceandtanya.blogspot.com


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I AM SOOOOOO MUCH BETTER!!!!! WOHOO!!!! since yesterday actually, I can eat,(and things actually sound good) play with Chloe, go to the store, clean my house, and get out of bed!! Last week on the other hand, was not so good, it got really bad! I couldn’t keep anything down, not even water! so I called the doctors office, they said to come in asap! they checked my weight,(total since day 1..-20lbs. in 1 week…-9 lbs) yea, not so good, they checked for something called ketones ( not so sure what those are, but apparently I tested positive with the worst that it could be, I didn’t ask cause at the moment I didn’t really care about anything except feeling better) so they brought me into another room and hooked me up to an IV. I was so dehydrated they couldn’t get a vein. I had 1 liter at the office and they sent me home with the 2nd, so I’d be more comfortable. Vince got to be a doctor for the day, every 6 hours he had to flush the IV catheter with some saline and some meds so my blood wouldn’t clot ( he did really good, he should have been a doctor!) then I went back to the doctor on Wednesday morning for 1 more liter, now I am hydrated and feeling so good! they told me if I get sick like that again to call before it gets that bad!

Vince is in Portland right now training till tomorrow night, he left Yesterday morning at like 5am. I’m glad I’m better so I could take care of Chloe, take her to school and give her some attention. We had a full day today, school (toddler lab, she calls it school) was at 8:45-10am she usually is up around 7:30 so I didn’t bother to set an alarm, but she woke up at 8 so we had to rush out the door. After school we went grocery shopping, 11 we had a play group at our clubhouse till 1, then nap then we had a bithday party at 6 we got home and she crashed.

These past couple days have been pretty nice for Rexbug, the sun was shining, about 40 degrees, the snow was melting, and guess what I woke up to this morning? Snow. Yuck! it was more of a slushy rain/snow that left about an inch everywhere, I guess there’s supposed to be more tomorrow, but hopefully it won’t be a ton, and it will melt fast. I am so ready for warm weather!!! I’m thinking about getting some fake flowers and putting them on my door step and making my door look summery, maybe that will help things move along faster 🙂

***16 weeks along, I’ll find out in the next couple weeks if it’s a boy or girl…unless they make me wait, like they did with Chloe)

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tagged again…

10 years ago…

Oops, this was the tag laura sent me, she said she was a sophomore 10 years ago, that means I was to, so I got the other tag wrong, oh well. Ok so Sophomore at bonneville high School, I took drivers ed this year, went on my first date, had the best friends ever that I could be crazy with 🙂

5 things on my list to do today… since it’s night I’ll do tomorrow’s list…
1. take a nap with chloe
3. go check the mail
4.clean up toys
5. play with chloe
I know my life is so hectic huh?
Snacks I enjoy…
being pregnant…ginger snaps, nectarines, jamba juice.
not pregnant… anything yummy
What would you do if you were suddenly a billionaire?
Selfish Things: go on a shopping spree, build my dream house, buy an beach house to live in for the winter, buy Vince all of his dream cars, spoil my kids, family and friends, travel the world, buy a NFL, or NBA team to make more money
Unselfish Things: invest some of it, charity, give to the church, um… I guess I’m a selfish person cause I can’t think of anymore unselfish things.
3 of my bad habits…
not putting laundry away, not cooking dinner all the time, not making beds
5 Places I have lived…
1. Idaho Falls, ID/Rexbrug, ID
2. Portland, OR
3. Minneapolis, MN(twice)
4. Indianapoli, IN(twice)
5. Birmingham, AL

5 Jobs I have had…

1. Subway Sandwich Artist
2. Melaleuca
3. Secretary for Apex Alarm
4. Nanny
5. Mommy
5 things people don’t know about me…
1. I count things, I don’t know why, but if there’s a line of trees whatever along the side of the road while in the car I try to count all of them before we pass them ( i don’t do it while I’m driving though) even all the squares on our windows, I’ll count all the ones I can see. I know I’m weird but I don’t do it all the time!
2. I like to play (some) video games with my husband
3. I could have died on a ride on Las Vegas, the statosphere, my seat didn’t lock down all the way and we started to go up a little bit before the big blast, and the guy running the ride, jumped up and slammed it down tight, that was really scary. (actually I think Laura knows that, cause it happend on tour for ballroom )
4. I failed my drivers ed test. my drivers ed teacher was really old, he put me on the freeway and fell asleep, he woke up and saw I was going 90 and was so mad, then he asked where we were I had no idea, I just followed the road, apparently we were to far away.
5. I LOVE tomatoes, seriously, I could live on them! growing up, my neighbors that had gardens, would bring over a sack of them for me…yum! I’ll slice them up pour salt on them and eat them. when I have a yard, I’m gonna have a garden just to grow tomatoes!! mmmmm,  my mouth is watering
Whew! I think I’m all caught up on my tags now…nap time 🙂

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What I was doing tag

20 Years Ago/Mar 5, 1988 – I was 4, ALMOST 5, 1 more month ( April 14th) I was the cutest and most obedient kid ever! never did anything wrong. 😉

10 Years Ago/Mar. 1998- 14 almost 15, I think this age was freshman year? I was at Bonneville High School, and probably staring at the hot senior guys with my friends 🙂

5 Years Ago/Mar. 2003- married for 6 months, getting ready for my first move out of Idaho, to Portland, OR.where I shopped and shopped, (ha! no sales tax) and then to Indianapolis, IN. there I was a Nanny for a rich family that had my dream house.

3 Years Ago/Mar. 2005- I was ready to pop with Chloe, on bed rest, and hating life.

1 Year Ago/Mar. 2007 – getting ready once again to move, we went back to Indiana for the hottest summer ever! Chloe’s almost 2, and smarter than ever.

So Far This Year- been sick with baby #2, Chloe’s gonna be 3. she started the toddler lab at byu-i and loves it.

Yesterday- was sick for 1/2 the day, watched 101 dalmations with Chloe, played go fish,

Today-feel good! bathed Chloe, working on potty training more today, only 1 accident she’s doing really good!!
Later Tonight- I don’t know, maybe watch a movie with Vince when Chloe’s asleep, that was the plan for last night but I fell asleep, so we’ll try again tonight.

Tomorrow-hopefully feeling good, and going to church.

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Princess Chloe…


1) She is definitely a princess, her Daddy calls her princess she does have him wrapped around her finger, she even has a princess bed! Oh and the other day she was playing with her friend Dylan, (the one she says is her boyfriend) and they had blankets around their necks saying they were cape’s and Dylan called her princess Chloe 🙂

For our Princess...

2) With Dutch and Italian blood in her, she is a stubborn one! if she has her mind set on something she doesn’t let it go until she gets it or is sent to time out till she’s done crying about it. Her teacher for toddler lab even said she won’t let things go, she has to have what she wants NOW! but she is a sweet heart!

3) She loves to sing… I have a couple cd’s for her in the car that we always have to listen to, not all are kid songs, she loves Life is a Highway by Rascall Flatts (from Cars) she knows almost every word. Big Girls Don’t Cry by Fergie, she only knows the chorus of this one but she thinks it’s about her because it says ‘big girls” and she knows she’s a big girl. I think when she’s in Primary on stage singing in sacrament meeting, she’s gonna be the loud one 🙂 (below she is singing to her baby)

singing rock-a-bye-baby4 ) Even though she is all girl, she is like her daddy and loves cars! she loves playing cars and trains with the boys, we have collected just about every toy car from the movie 🙂

Chloe's car

5) for the longest time now, she has loved makeup! she always has to put some on, if she see’s me do mine, I gave her an eye shadow brush and she has a little pink compact she keeps it in and she’ll do her makeup. the only thing she gets to wear of mommy’s is lip gloss.

doing her makeup

6) she loves animals, last summer we went to the zoo with her friends, (which we have to do again guys) she even pretends to be animals sometimes, kitties, and monkeys are her favorite ones to pretend. (in the pic, I remember her saying she was a penguin, but I think she looks more like a monkey)

walking like penguins

7)She’s all about friends, this winter she has really missed being outside with her friends in the water, eating popsicles and just running around from house to house

and more friends

fun in the sun

8) She is a day full of laughs, she’s such a happy girl and we love her tons!!!

Chloe potato head!

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ok fine Laura!!

Just kidding, I know I haven’t written in a while, but I do have some good excuses… 1) feb. 28-mar.2, we were out of town, 2) I don’t really know what to write about, 3) I haven’t been feeling the best lately..so there!! 🙂

We went to Boise for my brothers State Basketball Championships, they did so good! they won all the way up until the Championship game against Burley, (and the refs, but don’t get me started on that) Burley was a really good team though, most of their players were over 6’5 and one was 6’7 315lbs!!! HUGE!! he actually will be playing college football somewhere, and this team has been undefeated since last season!!! That was probably my best weekend since I’ve been pregnant!! I didn’t throw up for 5 straight days! ( not that I’m complaining or anything)

I haven’t been to the doctor since I last posted, I have my appointment on the 19th, I’ll post more info about all that after.

I know this isn’t much of a post, and I did notice Holly and Brooklyn tagged Chloe, so I’ll do that soon! ..Promise 🙂 and when I have more to say.

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FEB. 20, 2008

It seems like I haven’t written for awhile, other then tags. I’ve been ok, not feeling the greatest. I haven’t been as sick as I was with Chloe, but I’m still throwing up everyday, (sorry I’m sure you didn’t really want to hear that) but I’m in the last week of my first trimester, so hopefully next week it will all magically disappear! I’m lucky that Chloe has been so good through all of this, she doesn’t seem to care that I’ve been laying around alot, Vince has been a huge help though, he’s been doing everything, cleaning up the kitchen, and even doing laundry! yes I know my husband it wonderful and I’m the luckiest ever!! He’s even made morning runs to Jamba Juice for me and taking/picking up Chloe from school!

I went to the doctor today, they said I lost weight, at first I was like YES!!! but then I was like no, that’s not the best right now, but what can I do? food just isn’t my friend right now! then we tried to listen to the heart beat, he couldnt’ find it, so he said we’d do an ultra sound, at first I got excited to have an ultra sound, i’d be able to see the baby, but then, oh wait they can’t find a heart beat…that’ s not good! but then he found it, whew! I don’t know why but when I’m pregnant I’m the dumbest person, and as I get further along it gets worse!

Rexburg is finally getting some sunshine! I’m loving it!! the snow is melting (even though we still have a ton) and spring is just around the corner…hopefully! 🙂 I cant’ wait for the snow to be gone, the grass to get green, we can go to the park with friends, neighborhood picnics…yes guys even though Becky’s gone we still have to do them!! and best of all we get to be home…all summer!

A few weeks ago, at church I was dropping Chloe off at nursery and Vince was waiting for me down the hall, when I got over to him, he said that that Bro. Mueller ( our 1st counselor) wanted to see us after church and we were getting a calling! my first thought ” great” I got so nervous. In Relief Society, our lesson was on callings and they said that alot of times it’s one that is really out of our comfort zone, that we should learn from them, put in a good change…and so on, that made me really nervous, i kept thinking, I’m gonna get the worst calling ever! so I worried through the rest of the lesson, and sunday school, and the end came, I told Vince we should just forget, and go home (I wasn’t serious) we went over to the bishops office, we were both called in together…it was a team calling, okay not so bad, Vince could just do it. 🙂 then he kept stalling on telling us what it was, he said things like we feel like nobody want this calling, it won’t be every week…and then he finally came out and told us…part time librarians!!! I about fell over laughing! all that worring for nothing, it was such an easy calling, no preparing lessons or week night meetings! so sunday was our first day in the library, it was so much fun! it really was! we just sat there and made copy after copy and gave crayons and chalk and pictures out. it’s probably one of the nicest callings to get while pregnant! I can eat my snacks and not try to be quiet about it, when we have the baby, I can still do it! it’s gonna be nice!

We have been going to my little brother’s basketball games this season,I still love high school basketball! the team has been doing really good, they just got done with districts…they are now district champions!!! yeah!!! I was so happy that last game I didn’t think they would win, they were playing like crap, the refs were retarded, and they were down the entire game! in the last minute they were only down by 4 points, not to bad, my brother sinks his usual 3 pointer and they are down by one, another guys Jon, gets the ball and gets a lay up, they won by 1 point!!!!! woohooo!! Go Bees!! State…here we come!!

~ one more thing…. ***HaPpY bIrThDaY lAuRa!!***

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